Donnas Painting - Testimonials - Leesburg, VA
Donna's Painting LLC - The owner of the company deals with all aspects of every project

Client: David Flieg
Scheduling was easy. The crew showed up on time. They knocked out our entire painting to-do list (drywall and trim prep, minor patching, and painting) quickly and everything looks great. I will recommend them to friends and neighbors and will definitely use them again.
Description of work: Drywall and trim prep and painting
  • Category: Painting - Interior
  • Work Completed Date: 06/01/2018
  • Ashburn, VA

Client: Adrienne Skapura
Excellent job, A+. I couldn't be happier with the work.
  • Category: Painting - Interior
  • Work Completed Date: 06/15/2018
  • Ashburn, VA

Client: Brock Miele
Professional, on-time, excellent quality, great communication and follow-up,  painters cleaned-up very well daily and we're very friendly!
  • Category: Painting - Interior
  • Work Completed Date: 05/30/2018
  • Round Hill, VA

Client: Brian Boylan
Great, very professional, neat and exact in work. The damage is fixed and room looks perfect.
  • Category: Drywall, Painting - Interior
  • Work Completed Date: 05/01/2018
  • Leesburg,  VA

Client: Linda Reeder
I highly recommend Donna's Painting - can't say enough good things about them! Their price was very competitive and the quality of the work exceeded expectations. The two-man crew of Miguel and William were extremely efficient and skilled at their work - and also friendly and courteous. They were helpful and accommodating in every way. For example, they carefully removed pictures from the walls and returned them when the paint dried. They moved all small items off of table tops and counters and then put them back exactly as they were. Because we knew things were under control, we were able to go about our business, coming and going as needed, You won't go wrong with Miguel and William taking care of your painting needs!
Description of work: Painted entire interior of house
  • Category: Drywall, Painting - Interior
  • Work Completed Date: 04/10/2018
  • Leesburg,  VA

Client: Steve Lehew
Excellent. Very pleased. This was our 3rd project with Donna’s Painting. Management is great to work with and guys showed up on time, completed the work timely and cleaned up well. Guys actually did a couple extra things beyond the initial scope to make sure the job was done right. Will continue to use Donna’s and would definitely recommend.
Description of work: Interior painting
  • Category: Painting - Interior
  • Work Completed Date: 03/21/2018
  • Sterling,  VA

Client: Kimberley Pond
Excellent, they did a superb job.
  • Category: Drywall, Painting - Interior
  • Work Completed Date: 02/26/2018
  • Leesburg,  VA

Client: Fredia Heppenstall
  Perfect. As promised
Description of work:
Repaint my dining and laundry rooms
  • Category: Painting - Interior
  • Work Completed Date: 12/06/2017
  • Hire Again: Yes

Client: Tamara Hayter
The company was very responsive, and the job was scheduled in a timely manner. The crew of two showed up on time and were courteous and professional. Nail holes and cracks in the stairs were patched and the trim caulked. The repairs to the pantry wall were unnoticeable when painted. We found no drips and all debris was cleaned up. We will call them again when we are ready to do our basement.
Description of work:
A pair of French doors; staircase trim and risers; and a small pantry - repair multiple holes left by old shelves, prime and paint.
  • Category: Painting - Interior
  • Services Performed on :11/29/17
  • Hire Again: Yes

Client: Susan Werner
**No drywall dust in my kitchen. I was thrilled! I love the color on my new doors***
**Arrived on time and did a great job. Had to change the scope somewhat doe to existing conditions and was provided s a fair credit. Very responsive and easy to work with. Great team. Have used them before and would definitely recommend**
Category: Carpentry - Woodworking, Painting - ExteriorWork 
Hire Again: Yes

Client: Bernadine Venezia
Categories: Painting - Exterior and Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: Arrived 15 min. early and were painting as the clock started. Workers were competent, steady, and cleaned as they went. No mess of any kind, anywhere. Very happy.

Client: Mary Anne Carbone
Potomac Falls, VA 20165
Work Completed Date: November 18, 2015
Description Of Work: Exterior painting- am very happy with my freshly painted front porch and front trim- very good experience working with Donna's Painting
Client: William Kamis
Categories: Carpentry - Woodworking, Painting - Exterior and Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: Leticia was very prompt in responding to a request for quote and met me at the appointed time.  She turned around the quote within 24 hours.  The painters arrived on the day promised.  They were extremely efficient and paid attention to detail.  Just a small amount of paint on the bricks in an inconspicuous location but otherwise very neat.  When it appeared that they would need to come back another day to finish the back door,  they were apologetic and they showed up the next day to finish.
Finally, pricing was very reasonable compared to others.   We  will certainly consider using Donna's Painting again.

Client: Cindy Dullea
Clifton, VA 20124
Work Completed Date: October 20, 2015
Home Build Year: 1999
Member Comments: The team was punctual and did an outstanding job of completing the painting.  They were easy to work with from the estimate to getting the job completed.  The outside trim looks terrific.  They also repaired the wood rot on two door frames and some windows before painting.  I highly recommend them.

Member: Kenneth Coghill IV
Ashburn, VA 20147
Work Completed Date: October 05, 2015
Home Build Year: 1991
Member Comments: I contacted multiple (4+) painting companies on Angie's List trying to get this work done, Donna's was the first to respond and most responsive of all of them.  I was able to get a quote within 48 hours, and they were able to schedule the work in a reasonable amount of time, especially with the amount of rain that we had.    
Pricing was fair, as the paint was also included in the price (unlike some of the others) I have had to have this exact work done in the past, and the previous painters were not as thorough, and it showed, as this work has needed to be re-done within a year.  
Categories: Painting  Exterior, Pressure Washing
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: The two-man crew showed up a few minutes ahead of schedule to get set up for the job, and were actually painting before the "official" start time. They were all set to go with a paint sprayer on the fence, and showed me how that looked after one coat. We agreed that, while the sprayer would do most of the work, they would probably have to follow up with a brush to get full, even coverage. They told me that would probably slow down the process, but I asked them to proceed. They got the front fence done, both sides, in under two hours, and it looked just great in the sunlight. They then did the long side of our property, getting the inner portion finished before taking lunch. When they returned, I made sure they knew the other side of that section -- the part facing away from our house -- needed to be painted too, and they said I would need more paint (note to self:  get 2 5-gallon drums of paint next time). The gentlemen continued painting while I got more paint, even working carefully around my driveway where one of our cars could not be moved. And they were able to finish up the last bit of fence just before the time ran out. I couldn't be happier with the work they did, and at about half the price of even the best estimates I had received this summer, including the price of the paint. I think I might hire them twice next time -- once to power wash the fence to prepare it for painting, and then to do the painting itself. Maybe they will give me a 2-for-1 discount!

Member: Dillard Coffey
Leesburg, VA 20176
Work Completed Date: September 21, 2015
Description Of Work: Replaced rotting wood in front door entrance. rotting garage door trim, and painted front door entrance and trim on garage and trim and doors on 2 exterior doors.
Categories: Handymen, Painting  Exterior and Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: Arrived on time. Did a great job. Cleaned up after and was very curtious and professional. Pricing was fair. Would use them again.

Member: Daniel Sikorski
Leesburg, 20176
Work Completed Date: September 10, 2015
Description Of Work: Repair damaged drywall in 20 ft. high ceiling.
Categories: Carpentry  Unfinished and Woodworking, Painting  Exterior and Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: I contacted Donna's Painting about an estimate as I needed to get the steps leading to the second floor of my townhouse repainted. I also needed some rotting wood replaced, along with the trim around the garage door. They also painted the garage door. The work took a little over a day and they were very professional throughout. Although the estimate I received was higher than other estimates I'd been given, I went with them anyway due the high ratings they'd received here. As so many others have said, they paid attention to detail, cleaned up afterward, and did and outstanding job.
I would definitely hire them again.

Member: Bryan Miller
Ashburn, VA 20147
Work Completed Date: August 31, 2015
Description Of Work: Painted the trim and walls for our Master bedroom and with the remaining time painted another wall for us in our family room.

Member: Michelle Liu
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Work Completed Date: August 25, 2015
Home Build Year: 1939
Member Comments: Very professional and courteous.  Arrived 1/2 hour late but got to work quickly, so no big deal.  Did a great job and worked hard.  Got my entire job done in 8 hours given the dark paint required multiple coats and involved lots of trim and wainscoting in master and guest bathrooms.  Very pleased with the work.  Leticia in office is also very pleasant and responsive.  Would hire again.  Thank you

Member: Daniel Rude
Sterling, VA 20165
Work Completed Date: August 13, 2015
Description Of Work: Repaired drywall and painted the main rooms of the house.
Categories: Handymen, Painting  Exterior and Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Description Of Work:    Paint  a huge wrap around old porch.  Paint three sets of steps with different color on the riser wood fill paint a back porch with steps paint a front door of an old shed
I had asked for a quick scheduling  as I was having a wedding at my house. They were able to accommodate me and I was so grateful.   

Member: Barbara Rieckhoff
Ashburn, VA 20147
Work Completed Date: July 24, 2015
Description Of Work: Great job, will use again.

Member: Sue Colyer
Herndon, 20171
Work Completed Date: July 20, 2015
Description Of Work: Painted two rooms of our home
Categories: Painting  Exterior, Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: Did an outstanding job

Member: Amy Bean
Arlington, VA 22207
Work Completed Date: June 13, 2015
Home Build Year: 1957
Member Comments: The crew was punctual and neat. They did a terrific job. The hospital looks amazing! I could not have asked for a better painting team. They showed up right on time, and they were very agreeable when I made a few color changes. Outstanding company and I will be using them again for my home!

Member: June Swanhart
Work Completed Date: April 01, 2014
Hire Again: Yes
Description Of Work: Interior painting, packing drywall, corking around sinks.
Categories: Painting  Interior,Wallpaper Removal
Home Build Year: 1988
Member Comments: Outstanding. Very happy with them. It was all done within the time frame that I scheduled with them. I was traveling back and forth. It was fairly soon. She got a hold of me basically even before like either the same day or the next day she contacted me and we scheduled something. They came when they said they were going to come. Everything was wonderful. It was one days worth of work for two folks and the owner was here. It was not easy to get on because the walls hadn't been primed. They just did such a good job. Every time I go in there I just love it. We scheduled it at a time that would work for me they did it in a time frame that they said they would do it in. I had painted in another bathroom but I am not good at doing that little corking around the edges of the sinks and they are wonderful.
Member: Rachel Lamparter
South Riding, 20152
Work Completed Date: February 23, 2015
Description Of Work: Interior painting of townhouse included Master bedroom, Master bedroom closet, master bathroom, full kitchen and island, secondar bedroom.
Categories: Painting Exterior and Interior
Last Modified Date: April 08, 2015
Home Build Year: 1933
Member Comments: We were extremely pleased with every aspect of it. They were very professional. Everything was great. They were able to stay within the $499 Big Deal purchase price. It was just a wonderful job. They were very good about setting the times and sticking to it. They were very prompt. They did a very good cleanup and followed-up to make sure we were satisfied and we were very satisfied with it. We would definitely consider using them again in the future.
Member: Greg Andersen
Leesburg, VA 20176
Work Completed Date: February 11, 2015
Home Build Year: 2000
Member Comments: Donna's Painting did very well and always go above and beyond with the quality and thoughtfulness of work performed within the stated quotes and budget outlined.
This recent job was booked after two previous services provided where each job was done to a level of quality that I expected. It is important to clearly state requirements and I am sure any customer of Donna's Painting will be happy with the quality and value.
Member: Debra Craig
Work Completed Date: February 10, 2015
Description Of Work: Painted large living room/kitchen hallway walls.
Category: Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Categories: Drywall / Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: We really liked that the team was very courteous, professional and did high quality work.  They arrived on time and let us know when they were leaving or returning to the premises.  They did a great job of protecting and cleaning the work space and the paint job and dry wall repair was top notch. Would definitely work with them again.
Member: James Hanlon
Haymarket, VA 20169
Work Completed Date: December 04, 2014
Description Of Work: basement painting
Categories: Drywall / Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: Very talented team of two that showed up on time, kept everything covered and clean as they worked.  Can't hardly believe the results, it was better than expected.  They fixed all  the nail pops in master bedroom and master bath and others upstairs.  The seams came out better than I expected.  Hung some drywall and finished the piece, seamed it and painted it and it looks better than it ever did.  Painted everything with the paint we had for each ceiling.  They cleaned up before they left and there was no mess for us to clean up later.  Very pleased with their courtesy, professionalism, work accomplished and would definitely use them again.  Very good experience for us.
Member: A Kim
Categories: Painting  Interior - Wallpaper Removal
Hire Again: Yes
Wall Paper Removal - Walls, Ceiling
Categories: Painting  Exterior, Pressure Washing
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: Everything was done very well and the job met and exceeded my expectations. They even power washed my rear patio during the preparation process for paint job
Member: Dan Moore
leesburg, VA 20176
Work Completed Date: October 01, 2014
Home Build Year: 2005
Member Comments: All went well.  The estimation process was very efficient.  The estimator showed up on time and the estimate was provuided the next day via email in a clear and concise format as promised.  Painters were very prompt showing up at 8AM sharp each day.  They were very pleasant to work with and talk to and cleaned and tidied up their work area each afternoon when done.
Member: Kimberly McLaughlin
Categories: Deck Maintenance, Painting  Exterior, Pressure Washing
Hire Again: Yes
Description Of Work: They replaced and painted rotted wood in two areas, stripped the deck and repainted it.  They also painted our chimney cover and stains on the siding.
Categories: Painting Exterior,Pressure Washing
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: They were very quick to respond to all of our emails. The estimate was very fair. They were punctual on all the days they came to our house, and they left no mess behind. The work that they did was excellent, and our home looks new! We highly recommend.
Member: Barron R Bradford
Sterling, VA 20164
Work Completed Date: September 17, 2014
Description Of Work: Our home is 40+ years old.  The exterior wood had either dry rotted or the squirrels had eaten it.  So, we had fascia board, doors for the implement shed, and decorative woodwork replaced; the entire house pressure washed, and then the new woodwork painted.
 Member: Paul Cali
Categories: Painting - Exterior and Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Description Of Work: Painted some exterior and interior walls and doors.

Work Completed Date: July 30, 2014
Description Of Work: scraped, caulked and painted 3 exterior door trims, and painted 14 shutters (3 story TH).
Category: Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Category: Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Description Of Work: Caulk and paint doors and window
Categories: Deck Maintenance / Painting Exterior and Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: Great job.  They were onsite for 2 days, very professional.  Very thorough.
Member: Joe Hummel
Work Completed Date: June 04, 2014
Description Of Work: Interior Garage: Finish drywall, prime and paint
Interior House: Patch, paint foyer and three level stairwell
Exterior House: Power wash, rebuild two bay windows, replace/repair exterior wood, caulk seams/windows/etc, paint wood and shutters 
Categories: Handymen / Painting  Exterior and Interior / Pressure Washing
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: I am very happy that I hired Donna's Painting.  It had been years since any work was done on the exterior of the house: several windows had rotten wood, two small columns had rotted, the shutters were faded and did not match the door, and the siding and the foundation were very dirty and discolored.  I called Donna's Painting to request a quote.  Leticia and Miguel stopped by, assessed the house, and devised a clear plan that was reasonably priced.  I scheduled the work to be done, and Leticia told me when the crew would arrive and what they would be doing each day.  They completed all of the work as described in one week.  The crew members were friendly and polite.  My house looks as good as it has since I bought it.  A neighbor complimented the work they did on my house and asked for their information while they were finishing up.  I would definitely hire Donna's Painting again in the future and highly recommend them!
Member: Jason Swallows
Sterling, VA 20166
Work Completed Date: May 15, 2014
Home Build Year: 2000
Member Comments: Miguel and his crew were excellent.  They were on time, friendly, courteous, hard working and accommodating.  We are extremely pleased with their attention to detail and the overall quality of the work.  We've always done our own painting, but it will be hard for us not to hire Donna's Painting in the future.  We will most likely call them again when we get into our new house!  I can't imagine another company doing a better job.
Member: Christine Brogan
Leesburg, VA 20176
Work Completed Date: May 13, 2014
Description Of Work: Painted large basement/recreation area, including a kitchen and living area, and a full bathroom and bedroom with various colors.
Category: Painting Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: Donna's Painting provided excellent services. Leticia Ore was responsive in her communication. The painters were punctual, professional,and courteous. The work was done both efficiently and effectively. I would recommend this company for painting needs.
Member: Laurie Torto Reed
Sterling, VA 20165
Work Completed Date: April 29, 2014
Description Of Work: Painted shutters and foundation
Categories: Deck Maintenance-Painting Interior
Hire Again: No
Description Of Work: Painted my two color Deck,and Shed Steps. | |This is the 3rd time I've used Donna Painting , Several relatives have used them also....Everyone has had great service and will recommend them to others. |
Member: Cindy Vasko
Work Completed Date: April 24, 2014
Description Of Work: Painted metal roof over front porch.  Sanded and primed the surface, applied primer coat and two coats of exterior paint.
Category: Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: I hired donnas paint to paint one side of my house and trim following repair. The job was done on time, and looks real good. I will have them come back and paint the rest in the spring.
Member: Greg Andersen
Leesburg, VA
Work Completed Date: March 18, 2014
Home Build Year: 2000
Member Comments: As for the coordination of the job, it went excellent. Leticia was very nice and professional and communicated the quotes well.
As for the job, it went well and the job was completed quickly by a three man team. A little challenging with communication. We asked for the window sills to be painted but they were not done. We had taped areas where we wanted to leave the screw holes for the blinds and they patched and painted over them.
Apart form these small things, the overall job was great and we are very happy. We would definitely use them in the future.
Member: Sherry Hooper
Category: Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: Perfect
Member: Kellee Marshall
Gainesville, VA 20155
Work Completed Date: March 03, 2014
Description Of Work: I bought a Big Deal for 16 labor hours of painting, drywall/plaster repair, or wallpaper removal.
Category: Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: I  have been looking to get one of the bedrooms in my home painted for over 6 months.  I travel frequently so I often am not able to follow-up.  But Leticia did an excellent job of following up with me, and putting up with many unanswered emails.  She was very professional and I sincerely appreciated the way she conducted business.  Once I asked for an estimate she arrived within a couple days and promptly provided an estimate.  Their price was very fair and in line with other estimates I received.  On the day of the painting, the painters arrived on time and were very professional and courteous.  I work from home and even though they came in and out of the house frequently they never bothered me.  They finished the job in less than a day, and I am very happy with the quality of work.  I would highly recommend Donna's Painting.
Member: Caroline York
Work Completed Date: February 21, 2014
Description Of Work: Had Donna's bid on an interior paint job that included painting our living room, foyer, stairway and upstairs hall. Miguel came out within a day to view the project and Leticia had the estimate to me within 24 hours. There estimate was very competitive and worked with us to stay in our budget. Once the job started, Miguel and his team arrived on time everyday, prepped everything before painting, worked hard all day, and cleaned up every night before they left. They are professionals. They job looks great. While here, I had a small drywall issue in another room that I had repaired a couple of times. Asked Miguel to take a look and he repaired it flawlessly for minimal charge.
Category: Painting  Exterior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: The painters were able to move all the bedroom furniture and paint the ceiling and walls. In addition, they caulked around my crown moulding. In addition, they painted my master bath which required a primer coat plus two coats of the new paint. No issues whatsoever.
Member: David Pham
Lorton, VA
Work Completed Date: January 20, 2014
Description Of Work: Painted interior on first and second level. First level includes: foyer, living room, library, dinning room, family room, kitchen and sunroom. Second level includes: hallway, master bedroom, sitting area and master bath room.
Category: Painting Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Description Of Work: Interior painting of several rooms.
Category: Painting  Interior/Exterior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: Fast quoting process, very competitive price, good communication by email and phone regarding questions about quote and rescheduling when the weather wasn't cooperating. Some paint got on the brick or siding in small spots, but not enough to complain. They cleaned up very well. I was very pleased that they seem to have re-caulked everything they painted against. I was also pleased that they were willing to do a little extra caulking on short notice.
Member: Charlene Little
OAK HILL, VA 20171
Work Completed Date: November 23, 2013
Member Comments: My husband and I are completely satisfied with the work.  The workmen were not intrusive.  They did there work in a professional manner and confined themselves to the area where they were working.  They moved heavy furniture and put it back.  They even took down some things we could not reach and put them back up.  I highly recommend them and plan to use them again if the need arises.
Member: John Chungo
Sterling, VA 20165
Work Completed Date: October 30, 2013
Description Of Work: Exterior painting, scraping and prep work, power washing and caulking
Category: Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: Scheduling was a bit of a challenge, but the team that came and did the work was exceptional.  The prep work was amazing - not a drop of paint anywhere it was not supposed to be.  The work was flawless - no wall paint on any of the trim, cut-ins clean throughout.  I was very impressed.
Member: Jeff Carey
Leesburg, VA 20176
Work Completed Date: October 28, 2013
Home Build Year: 1999
Member Comments: The painters arrived on time, were very respectful and communicated with me directly about how they would go about completing the job. The used drop clothes and did not spill a drop of paint on the exterior brick or driveway. They cleaned up after themselves and did not leave any mess at all. A very good experience. I would definitely use tDonna's Painting again
Member: Michele Wittling
Ashburn, VA 20148
Work Completed Date: October 16, 2013
Home Build Year: 1998
Member Comments: We had purchased a big deal for the service, and it turned out great. They set up on time, they cleaned up after themselves, and they did what we expected them to do. We appreciated that they showed up on time, it is a really tall stairwell, and they repaired stuff. They were clean and cleaned up after themselves. They worked the whole time, and the house looks good. The price was a good deal, and they were very responsive. I would use them, I am waiting for the next deal.
Member: Corey Bates
Leesburg, VA 20176
Work Completed Date: October 11, 2013
Description Of Work: Painted many rooms wall's and ceilings. Drywall repair many rooms.
Category: Painting Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Category: Painting  Exterior
Hire Again: Yes
Description Of Work: Replaced rotten wood on exterior of home and painted wood to match existing trim on home
Categories: Painting  Exterior and Interior, Pressure Washing
Hire Again: Yes
Lovettsville, VA 20180
Work Completed Date: September 22, 2014
Description Of Work: The provider power-washed and painted our front porch (including ceiling), and all of the window trim on our 1920's home.
Category: Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: Leticia was very good about working around my bizarre schedule. When I would forget to return her call, she would wait a week or do and reach out to contact me again. I left to run errands while the 2 painters were here. When the wanted to leave for lunch, the contacted me to ask if I wanted them to wait for me or lock the door. I appreciate that they assumed nothing. Everyone I worked with was very courteous and professional.
Member: Monica Wheeler
Work Completed Date: August 05, 2013
Home Build Year: 1891
Categories: Carpentry - Woodworking, Painting  Exterior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: The staff at Donna's Painting was quick and efficient.  They did a wonderful job repairing our wood rot and painting our home.  They found that we had some missing shingles on our roof and that was causing the wood rot.  They repaired the shingles for us.  The crew cleaned up after themselves.  I highly recommend them!
Member: John Fabris
Ashburn, VA 20148
Work Completed Date: July 04, 2013
Home Build Year: 2003
Member Comments: Great Job!
Member: Michael Janninck
Leesburg, VA 20175
Work Completed Date: June 13, 2013
Description Of Work: Paint my home
Category: Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: The entire experience exceeded our expectations.  The painters were quiet, courteous, and best of all, efficient and effective.  They arrived on time and finished ahead of schedule.  The finished rooms look beautiful, and we were particularly impressed with the "painter's lines."  We have had several painters over the years, and these are the best.  Consequently, we will definitely hire them again and we will recommend them without reservation
Member: Lisa Shanklin
Work Completed Date: June 28, 2013
Description Of Work: They painted the exterior trim and bump out on my end unit townhouse
Category: Power Wash- Exterior Painting
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: Everything was terrific from start to finish. Tremendously helpful and positive reviews from the get-go on Angie's List. Leticia, the office manager, was responsive and punctual with all communication throughout, and Miguel, her husband, and a relative are the painting team so all work is direct from the source. Leticia and Miguel came out together to do the free estimate, and then the estimate arrived by email the following business day. The work itself was impeccably done and right on time, and Miguel even came out a few days later to finish edging the doors he had painted because we weren't at home when the doors were initially done. Just a terrific business to work with, in terms of trusting their work quality, their work schedule, and the clarity of communication--very nice
Member: Carolyn Nuzzo
Category: Painting  Interior
Last Modified Date: June 13, 2013
Home Build Year: 1955
Member Comments: Purchased a Big deal for Donna's Painting. They came and did some painting. They were very good, punctual and cleaned up very well after they finished painting.
Member: Paul Cali
Fairfax, VA 22033
Approximate date of service (or last contact): May 16, 2013
Home Build Year: 1999
Member Comments: Miguel and Edward arrived within 15 minutes of the time I was told to expect them. We walked around the house for only a few minutes for me to show them the painting jobs to be done, and the order of priority. They immediately got to work. They were friendly, efficient and professional. At the conclusion of each job they cleaned up and quickly moved on to the next. I was very impressed with their work ethic. The deal was for 2 painters for a day, and I got my money's worth! I will definitely have them come back to do more painting in the future!
Review by Rob F.
Project: Paint or Stain Single Items
Comments: Leticia and the guys were great. She kept me informed all through the process and the guys were done on time.
Review by Ruth B.
Work Completed Date: May 22, 2013
Comments: Did a great job at a good price. Great to work with.
Member: Patrick Hudock
Leesburg, VA 20176
Work Completed Date: May 07, 2013
Description Of Work: Interior painting including:
-arranging and covering all the furniture as needed before hand
-shielding any other rooms from dust/splatter
-prepping walls/ceilings for nicks, cracks, holes
-painting ceilings, walls, and trim
Member Comments: Miguel and his assistant William did a great job painting several rooms in our home over 4 days.  I would definitely recommend them.  I had
several other painting company's quote the job and they were very
competitive on their price.  I had competitor try to "warn" me that by
going with someone else like Donna's I would be sacrificing quality and
service.  I assure you Miguel ran an excellent job and the quality is
better than we imagined.  I would also like to note I thought their
service was a white glove as I could expect a painting company would
provide.  They told us not to worry about moving any furniture or
cleaning dusty baseboards that had been behind the furniture and they
put everything back exactly as it was.  They did great prep work to make
the walls look new again despite the bumps, cracks, and nicks that came
from the last 10 years of living in.  I will definitely call them again
next time we need painting done.  It definitely beats doing it yourself
and looks fantastic! 
Member: Jill Spohn
Reston, VA 20194
Work Completed Date: May 06, 2013
Home Build Year: 1985
Member Comments: Leticia was very easy to work with for scheduling via email and phone.  Miguel and his crew did a great job of repairing the garage walls and ceiling (and let me know when it became a bigger job than expected) and returned to do the interior work when my schedule permitted.  They were all professional and courteous and did a high quality job.  I hope to invite them back for other projects and have recommended them to others.
Member: Patricia Crampton
Alexandria, VA 22310
Work Completed Date: April 01, 2013
Home Build Year: 1970
Category: Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Description Of Work: Painted entry and family room of 1st level of townhouse.  This was an Angie's List Big Deal purchase for 2 painters for a day (8 hrs). 
Member Comments: These two gentlemen did a superb job.  They arrived on time and were very professional and courteous.  Nail pops and blemishes in wall board were repaired and sanded.  Furniture was moved and covered as well as the flooring.  They did an excellent job  painting (including ceiling, walls, and trim/baseboard).  They even vacuumed before placing the furniture back in place.
The 1st floor looks great.  I would definitely contact Donna's Painting for my next paint job.
Member: Jason Dulnev
OAK HILL, VA 20171
Work Completed Date: April 10, 2013
Description Of Work: Drywall repair and interior painting. Painted our master bedroom
Category: Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Description Of Work: We had 3 projects
Paint the back door
Take down the wallpaper in the powder room and upstairs bathroom
Paint the upstairs bath

I had purchased an Angie's deal so we agreed the would do as much as they could in the time. They got a lot done especially sinc the wallpaper had been put on without primer. I asked for an estimate to finish the job, and the came back the next week to do that. All three projects were wonderful and beyond my expectations
Category: Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Description Of Work: The painters removed old wallpaper from a small bathroom and completely prepped it for me to paint.  This was difficult and time-consuming because the wallpaper was not easy to remove.  They also completely prepped and painted a bedroom and their work was careful, clean, and professional.  We were very pleased with the quality of the job they did for us.  (The price for "how much did you spend?" does not include the cost of paint).
Work Completed Date: March 28, 2013
Description Of Work: Painted my house with ease.
Categories: Painting  Exterior and Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: They were great. They were first grade. I bought this $499 thing, and then they came and did somethings that I wanted them to do and they did a great job and then I hired them to do an additional project, which ran about $1300, and they were great. They were very attentive in the sense that the woman, Letitia, called several times to make sure that the scheduling was right. I asked them to pick up the paint for my hall painting, which they said they could do and then I could get their discount. They actually came over one night on their way from other job just to take a sample of the paint so that they could get the color right. They were here when they said they were going to be here. I had a little bit of an issue when they painted my kitchen, a couple of walls, there were like some funky cocking that had been used by people who put granite countertops in, that really did not look nice and it did not seem to get right and they said it is not a big deal and they dug it all out and replaced it and it looked great. So they were very helpful in terms of suggestions, as well as doing good working. They did what they said they were going to do and they cleaned up after themselves. They did a great job and I have recommended them to three or four of my friends.
Member: Barbara Travis
Alexandria, VA 22303-2532
Work Completed Date: March 14, 2013
Description Of Work: A few days after I purchased the deal, Mrs. Ore contacted me (not the other way around!) to ask how/when they could be of service.
We agreed generally on what was to be done and fixed the date.
Well in advance of the date, she again contacted me to nail down more specifics, e.g., did I want them to buy the paint (using their discount--I did), size of the space, any other non-painting details (e.g., drywall repair).  I emailed a copy of the floor plan with a description of some of the details, e.g., one wall is entirely mirrored so no painting there.
The day before the work, Mrs. Ore contacted me again to assure me that all was on track, paint was purchased, etc., and confirming start time.
On the day of the work, Miguel and co. arrived on time with the correct paint...very low-key, ready to go.
I showed them the space (condo unit w/2 bedrooms, 2 baths) and asked if they needed me to check in with them.  Miguel said it was not necessary.
Eight hours later the job was complete.
Category: Painting  Exterior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: Had a great experience. Leticia in the office was very responsive in setting up our appointment, sending a reminder, and insuring we had everything we needed for the day to go smoothly. The gentlemen showed up right on time and got to work. They took one 30 minute break between the two rooms. Went back and touched up when they were done. They both look amazing! The clean up was also great - you would have never known they were there. Highly recommend this business.
Member: George LaDue
New Market, MD 21774
Work Completed Date: March 21, 2013
Home Build Year: 2000
Member Comments: Excellent!!
Found on Angies list with coupon.Extremely accomadating,professional,efficient.
Will definatley have more work done by Miguel .Leticia is very helpful and informative.
Workmanship is superior,punctual,professional, reliable. Hard working crew.
Very neat.
Will be calling for future appointment to have more work done.
Would highly recommend  to others looking for a reliable ,professional painter.
Member: Darrin Gilchrist
MCLEAN, VA 22102
Work Completed Date: March 19, 2013
Description Of Work: Two painters came and worked for 8 hours.  They painted two full rooms, including one with lots of built in shelving to work around.  They also repainted two large walls that needed help after a previous contractor had failed to do a good job.
Member: Daniela Raik
Work Completed Date: March 18, 2013
Description Of Work: Miguel and William came to remove the wallpaper in my kitchen. They were a bit late because of snow and traffic, but did an excellent job. The walls look perfect and are ready for painting! Because it was a Big Deal, I had some time left over so they also puttied holes in other walls to get them ready for painting, as well as fixed some tape that was coming off in one area of the dry wall.
Categories: Painting Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: I purchased the Big Deal through Angie's List. They did a GREAT job all the way around.  I would highly recommend and I will use them again.
Member: Barbara Travis
Alexandria, VA 22303
Work Completed Date: March 14, 2013
Description Of Work: Interior painting of two-bedroom two-bath condo.
Category: Painting  Interior
Description Of Work: Two painters were paid for 8 hours of painting. They painted our dining room, downstairs hall way and wall going up the stairs. They did  painting with fine workmanship.
Category: Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Description Of Work:     Painted three rooms with ease and efficiency. Great job!  Done quickly and professionally.
Categories: Drywall, Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Description Of Work: Got a coupon for 2 painters for a day. Leticia contacted me promptly. She is outstanding. Professional, thorough, conscientious,etc. Made a great first impression. I asked to have some extra work done and she arranged it easily and worked with my schedule on dates..
Category: Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Description Of Work: This was an Angie's list "Big Deal."  I signed up to have a bedroom painted with several coats.  I provided the material and basically paid for the labor.
Category: Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: The crew was great, they took great care in taking down pictures and moving furniture and hung everything back up!~
Category: Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: Fabulous...I bought the deal, and the company called ME to schedule which I really appreciated
the day of the work the folks were 30 minutes later than i expected but that was no bidg deal at all...they were professional, polite and did great work....
Member: Donald Chapman
Leesburg, VA 20175
Work Completed Date: February 15, 2013
Home Build Year: 1992
Member Comments: The guys arrived promptly at 8:15 and got right to work laying down plastic & cloth drop cloths to protect everything. I went through the details and paint cans I had for the job with them. They grabbed the appropriate ladders & painting supplies and got right to work.
They worked straigh through the day until they completer around 5:45 pm. Their lunch break was only about 30 min. The work was very professional and looked perfect when they were done. They completed 100% of what I asked and even hit a few areas in the stairwell to the basement that used the same color. 
We have a some double-molding squared - one 6' and one inside of that at 5' - on our two foyer walls about one story up. We wanted a very specific slightly reflective paint within the molding that would make the squares and the artwork in the middle of the 5' squares really stand out. This unique paint required a special primer plus two coats of the metallic paint. The custom work came out beautiful and really looks incredible now.
They also did a great job of patching/caulking all cracks, hanger holes, and making the paint look perfectly even / conformal.
I will have them again whenever I need more qork done. Top notch & professional!
Member: Joseph Frisbie
Gainesville, VA
Work Completed Date: January 25, 2013
Home Build Year: 1984
Member Comments: Nice, professional painters arrived promptly and called the day prior to confirm the appointment.  They were hard workers and were able to apply two coats of paint to a kitchen, sunroom, and a half bathroom.  I would highly recommend them to any friends or family who are looking for interior painting to be done.
Member: Lois Phalen
Falls Church, VA 22043
Work Completed Date: January 18, 2013
Home Build Year: 1985
Member Comments: Used this service as a deal but continued to use them for the rest of the house at a reasonable rate.  They were flexible and worked with my schedule I left them alone to complete the job and was wowed by the work.  They included the crown molding and the quality of the job was spectacular.  Would not hessitate to recomend them.
Member: Tanya Cowperthwaite
Work Completed Date: January 18, 2013
Home Build Year: 1979
Member Comments: Donna's did a great job painting a townhouse we had for sale.  The realtor commented on how great it looked.  We were really happy with the result.
Member: Katie Macpherson
Leesburg, VA 20176
Work Completed Date: December 21, 2012
Home Build Year: 2004
Member Comments: It was a pleasure working with Leticia, Miguel and crew. They arrived on time, reviewed the work and set clear expectations on the time it would take and how much it would cost. Their prices are fair and they did a great job. The paint job is excellent and they cleaned up after themselves. I recommend them to anyone needing painting services.
Member: Bridget Kensinger
Leesburg, VA 20175
Work Completed Date: December 09, 2012
Description Of Work: Interior painting of  foyer, hall, family room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, laundry room and removal of wallpaper  and paint in powder room.
Category: Painting Exterior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: Miguel and his helper did a great job of prepping and painting our house shutters, two garage doors, exterior window boxes / frames, and front door. They arrived on-time and did not leave until the job was completed. They only took approx 30 minutes for a lunch break.
They did a great job of preparing the surfaces - some of which required quite a bit of sanding, scraping, and caulking. I supplied all the paint.
The front of our house is 3 stories tall and they had the ladders the needed to reach the highest points. They also supplied all the caulk for the windows and garage doors prior to painting.

The clean-up was meticulous and Miguel took me around at the end so I could inspect everything that they did.
Before he left, I have him quote some interior paint in our atrium which we will have him do after Christmas.
I was 100% pleased with their work and will definitely use them again. Very reasonable and professional!
Member: Stephen Johnson
Charles Town, WV 25414
Work Completed Date: November 20, 2012
Description Of Work: This is the second time we have used Miguel and Donna's painting for interior paint. They painted our bedroom and bathroom which both had vaulted ceilings and a lot of angles. The quality, speed, and professionalism of their work is remarkable. In addition to their work inside my house they have also stained my deck. I highly recommend them for any paint work you have.
Project: Interior Painting
Comments: The team came in, looked over the scope of work. And worked until it was done, they painted my daughters and my sons room and me and my wife are delighted with the results. I will most definitely used Donna's painting again.
 Customer's Name: Matthew Boyer
Ashburn, VA  20176
Work Completed Date: November 02, 2012
Description Of Work: They repaired and repainted our shed by replacing damaged wood and covering the shed in a new coat of stain that matched the original.
Project: Paint Exterior Trim - Entire Single Family House
Comments: They did a great job. Very professional and efficient. I will definitely use them again for future projects
Review by Chin Z. in Ashburn, VA
Work Completed Date: October 18, 2012
Project: Powerwash Exterior Surfaces
Comments: I had a very good experience working with this company. They were able to accommodate my request to come to my house, provide an estimate and complete the work (powerwashing my house) all within 72 hours of the initial contact. Leticia was very good about providing timely responses and following up to ensure the work done to my satisfaction. I would definitely utilize their services again and highly recommend them to others in need of powerwashing services.
 Customer's Name: Michelle Goode
Ashburn, VA 20147
Work Completed Date: September 22, 2012
Description Of Work: We've used Donna's painting twice this year.  Both times for wood rot and exterior painting on our townhouse (front door and patio door). 
Ashburn, VA 20148
Work Completed Date: September 18, 2012
Description Of Work: We should have just taken your word for it, but went through the process of getting several quotations based on referrals. We ultimately chose Donna's Painting to paint the two story spaces in our house and are very pleased with the results. They are very quick, tidy, and cost effective. I will recommend them to my friends and will use them again in the future.
Customer's Name: Chris Hassett
Category: Painting  Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: The company stayed in close contact throughout the estimate and actual work phase. They were extremely proactive in their communication, letting me know immediately if there were any potential delays. The work done was very professional. The painters were very courteous and absolutely clean. The 1 room that required touch ups ended up being repainted in its entirety at the discretion of the painter however, no additional charge was incurred. I would certainly rehire this company.
Customer's Name: Kristin Clennan
Category: Painting  Exterior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: Excellent service, great price and very professional!!
Customer's Name: LARRY PATRICK
Category: Painting  Exterior
Hire Again: Yes
Categories: Painting  Exterior and InteriorServices
Hire Again: Yes
Leesburg, VA 20175
Work Completed Date: June 12, 2012
Description Of Work: Repair, repaint and touch up a rental townhouse after the previous tenants moved out.
Ashburn, VA 20147
Work Completed Date: July 09, 2012
Home Build Year: 1994
Member Comments: I had the outside of my three story townhouse painted. Donna's Painting met all my expectations and went above.I had pre-purchased the paint to be used and placed it outside, but the paint was the wrong color for my HOA (my mistake).They called me while onsite and then went to purchase the correct color from Sherwin-Williams and finished the job that day, up-charging only the cost of the paint (comping the time spent driving to the paint store because of my mistake!).They also came out a second time since the recent storm that knocked out power to everyone had blown a shutter off the front. Once the replacement shutter arrived, they came back out to attach it on the third story window. Work was on-time, as estimated, and professional quality. I would recommend this business.
Customer's Name: Helga Morris
Categories: Painting  Exterior
Painting - Interior
Hire Again: Yes
Member Comments: Great!
Customer's Name: Heather Stevens
Category: Painting Interior and Exterior
Hire Again: Yes
Work Completed Date: May 01, 2012
Description Of Work: Exterior painting.Member Comments: Painted trim on the front of my townhouse.

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